Pepsi’s SuperBowl commerical–offensive or not so much?

Posted on February 9, 2011 by


Every since Sunday’s SuperBowl, I’d been hearing rumblings about the Pepsi Max commercial, in which a black woman is depicted slamming her husband’s head into the counter, smashing soap into his mouth and a host of other unflattering portrayals. At first, I thought people were probably overreacting, but now that I’ve seen it myself, I must say that I can see why people were complaining. Not only was the black woman shown as being angry—if that were all, I could probably look past it since her husband probably did piss her off (smile), but at the end of the commercial, the couple is sitting on a bench enjoying a drink when a smiling blonde white girl sits down. After noticing her husband’s admiring gaze, the wife gives him the infamous side eye and throws her Pepsi at him. He ducks and, of course, it hits the poor little white girl in the head. Had the “other woman” been another woman of color or better yet, two white women, I don’t think anyone would have had anything to say about this commercial, but by perpetuating the stereotype of the angry black woman and the victimized white girl, I think Pepsi should have thought a little bit harder about this commercial.

What do you think?