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Today is election day–did you vote?

February 22, 2011


Drop by any black household, visit any black church or tune in to the chatter at any black beauty salon in America and you are bound to hear the gripes of what it means to be black in America and how we are never given a fair shake. So why is it that today, Feb. […]

Traveling Abroad — Living While I’m Alive

February 15, 2011


In less than 21 days, I will be traveling abroad for the first time in my life! Sure, I’ve been to Canada and Mexico several times and all throughout the United States, but that doesn’t count. This time I’m going overseas and will be setting foot on European soil. What brings about this sudden trip, you […]

Pepsi’s SuperBowl commerical–offensive or not so much?

February 9, 2011


Every since Sunday’s SuperBowl, I’d been hearing rumblings about the Pepsi Max commercial, in which a black woman is depicted slamming her husband’s head into the counter, smashing soap into his mouth and a host of other unflattering portrayals. At first, I thought people were probably overreacting, but now that I’ve seen it myself, I […]

365 Days Later — Moving Forward After the Loss of a Loved One

January 27, 2011


365—That’s how many days it’s been since I’ve seen or heard my grandmother alive. I frequently envision her in my dreams and, while it’s comfort, my life just hasn’t been the same. Losing someone close to you is a lonely thing. People around are afraid to mention the loved one, for fear of making you […]

Unprofessional professionals – Dealing with negative comments about black-owned businesses

January 24, 2011


I know in the African American community, some tend to be hypercritical of black-owned businesses. It’s not uncommon to hear: “Oh, well it’s black-owned, so what did you expect?” I have a problem with this and similar comments for two main reasons: 1) The African American community is clearly outnumbered by other businesses, not only because of […]

Are you a left- or right-brain?

January 18, 2011


Here I am, trying to figure out if I function better with the left or right side of my brain, so I decided to take a test. Guess what? According to the results below, I am equal parts both left and right. I wonder how common this is, but I can so see it being […]

Guns don’t kill; people do

January 18, 2011


Since the Tucson shooting the week before last, our U.S. lawmaking bodies have been pressured to change gun laws, according to this article in The New York Times.   While I respect and appreciate the theory that more gun control would reduce violent acts such as this one, I have to say that I doubt it […]